5 Spots with Mother Nature at Her Finest: Croatia

Croatia is a spectacular destination teeming with lush greenery, gorgeous islands scattered about the Adriatic sea, and wonderful displays of natural beauty in every corner. If you are in desperate need to be one with mother nature while in Croatia, then you picked the right spot. These are just five of the amazing natural places you can check out.

Although one of the smaller national parks out of the bunch, National Park Paklenica offers up a handful of fun outdoorsy activities to delve in. Various flora and fauna can be spotted as you hike or bike through any of the 200km of trails and pathways. If you want to get up high, there are plenty of rocks to ascend to get a glimpse from up above. Try your hand at rock climbing, there’s nearly a different climbing spot for everyday of the year, so that should keep you busy for a while. If you want to experience everything this park offers, just camp out on the pebble beaches until dawn breaks.
National Park Krka

With its close proximity to the capital, Zagreb, it would be a crying shame for you to miss out on National Park Plitvice. Only an hour outside the city, this breaktaking UNESCO World Heritage Site will mystify any visitor. A fairy-like fantasy is what this place might be described as with its cascading travertine waterfalls, lush green trees and foliage, and crystal lakes. Take a hike around this wonderland, or see it in style by taking a scenic train ride or an electric boat. With mountains littering the area you bet you can go climbing during the summer months, and during the winter, slice up the snow with skiing.

At National Park Krka, the beautiful scenery continues with more waterfalls, including the super steep drop at Skradinski Buk. The phenomenal Krka River has carved gorges and created spectacular falls, rapids, and lakes making it a fine display of nature. For a few cultural points to check off the list, without leaving nature, there’s 19th century watermills with a mini presentation as well as a monastery. It’s located just up the river when it turns into Lake Visovac. Treat yourself to Luxury Travel with Elegant Resorts because there’s no camping allowed at this park.

The island of Pag is a bit different than the rest of the places just mentioned, I hope you’re ready for the ocean. This is the country’s fifth largest island and there a plethora of things you must try while you’re here. You could enjoy a day mountain climbing or biking through the 115 km of trails, or perhaps you are more of a marine creature person and you would like to dive. Surrounded by karst and rocks, rich vegetation, and a bit of a different look than the typical mediterranean island, this is a fantastic spot to chill for a few days. Don’t forget to have a bite of the ever popular Pag sheep’s milk cheese. If you have had your fill on nature, this is the island to party on. It’s been dubbed the nickname “ Ibiza of Croatia,” to give you an idea of the nightlife scene.

Let’s see mother nature’s creature in their natural habitat. There’s no reason to feel guilty by seeing the dolphins at on the island of Losinj. Just head to Losinj Water Center and see these playful marine critters in the ocean, not an aquarium. Learn more about the Dolphin Reserve and their efforts while you are here, and even adopt a dolphin if you want to!



  1. You are so lucky sis to be able to travel in so many amazing places.

  2. It is always so nice to appreciate these things. I wish to see a dolphin on hand - in person in the future lol. Its always a wishful thought of mine haha!