Shopping for Work out Apparel

I enrolled my daughter in some programs this spring or else I get nuts all day with her and I don't like to bored her if I can do something. 

Though she's in ballet and swimming,I decided  to check if she likes arts and we try it last Monday.It seems she's a well rounded kid's and like too many things. In this art programs I have to wait her for 2 hours so I need something to do while she's in the art programs. They offer  some mom's activities if I'm interested to kill my time. One of it is yoga class. It seems very interesting , done the tour in the fitness room and get familiar all the things I needed and saw some yoga block, mats ,balls,yoga props and etc.

So I'm ready to take another challenge of my life so I need to get some shopping for Work Apparel:

  • Clothes- Though I have some exercise clothes I need  a pull-over sweatshirt during the  meditation portion in the class.
  • Pants-I needed one that fits on me and I know it will be a big challenge to shop at my size.
  • socks- I'm always cold so I have to get one so I can focus on my class.
  • towel- well this is important to bring one and it serves many purposes during the class.
  • water- one of important things I needed.
Shopping for work out apparel would be easy if I have more time to shop around so wish me luck.


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