Exploring England: Touring London and Its Surroundings

As soon as you land at London Heathrow airport, you will see that it is very easy for you to simply ride the tube or take a bus to your destination. However, if you are planning on touring London and its surroundings, the best idea would be for you to rent a car so that you are free to go wherever it is that you wish to visit and you don’t have to worry about running to catch a bus or a train. Keep also in mind that the trains in London are always super busy and crowded, so it would be a very much possible scenario for you having to wait a few trains before you can fit in the train itself. Therefore, a rental car is indeed the easiest and most comfortable solution for you to explore England.

London has so many different attractions to offer and the same is true for England itself. In London you can find Buckingham Palace, which you can also visit during summer time when the Queen of England goes to summer in one of the many castles around the country. If you are into history and art, then you must pay a visit to the National Gallery, which is right in front of Trafalgar Square, whose obelisk of General Nelson is photographs by millions of people every year. Not too far from Trafalgar Square, there is the House of Parliament that faces the Thames River. If you wish to have a good view of London in its complete splendor, then the best idea would be to take a ride on the London Eye, the tallest Ferris wheel of Europe. The tour takes about half hour so you can sit comfortably on the benches inside the sphere and take pictures of London seen from above.
If you wish to see more than just London, then renting a car will come very much in handy. London is not too far from other major cities and attractions in England. For example, a drive of only one hour and a half will take to you Cambridge and with even less time than that you can reach Stonehenge to see the breath-taking stones that have been there for centuries.
More Attractions and Restaurants
If you decide to make London your main stop, then you will be very busy going around making sure you see everything this beautiful city has to offer. For example, if you happen to catch a sunny day in London, then you must pay a visit to Hyde Park or Green Park so that you can enjoy a day in nature. London is a metropolitan city and for this reason offers its visitors a wide range of different types of cuisines, especially Indian, Chinese and typical British food, such as fish and chips. This way, you can rest assure that you will be able to find something that tickles your taste buds. 

Aronno, a writer and travel lover. London offers so much to its tourists, from relaxing atmosphere to adventurous attractions. The city has a lot to offer and you can visit all the wonderful attractions by driving there in the comfort of your hired car from Daddy Car Hire. 


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