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Nassau Bahamas: Historic tour with family

One of the excursion we did during our Disney Dream Cruise was the Historic tour and booked the shore excursion through Disney cruise line. 

We decided to booked on that day without taking any consideration of  the weather and  oops, it was rainy on Nassau, Bahamas, and the tour was delayed and waited in the AFT room. It was funny  we're lost and didn't know where is the meeting room for the historic tour.

We visited  4 attractions, and when we are at the  Queen's Staircase it was pouring and no chance for photo ops,all I do was to  protect my camera and hide it considering I don't have a waterproof casing.

Nassau Bahamas: Historic tour with family:

Junkanoo Expo- is a small museum and the tour guide are amazing. The history are interesting and fun for all  ages and felt we were on the festivals. The tour is more on extremely interactive as you learn the Bahamian tradition from instrumental music, costumes and drinks. I'll be honest the Junkanoo Expo  is one of the best historic tour we ever have.
Little Travelentz is busy in her bell at the same time wondering what is the crepe paper for?
Fort Charlotte- The tour guide gave a little bit of the  background about the Fort.From the top you'll see the amazing view of Nassau Bahamas.
The fort has never been used in battle
Fort Fincastle-Don't expect too much, this is the smallest Fort we've visited but the panoramic view was spectacular.Lots of photo opportunity and the Fort Fincastle was at highest point in the island.

Queen's Staircase- the last place we visited. The place is impressive and has 65 steps and made of natural limestone. I don't took  a lot of photos though it was rainy and I have to hold the handrail and watch my step.
Hand carved by slaves in 1793-1794 to honor Queen Victoria.

Historic tour tips: 

Stroller-If you have kids who doesn't want to walk  for a long period of time  bring a stroller, and you can use it during shopping time but in the Fort and Junkanoo Expo you don't really need it so you could leave it in the car. After your historic tour, your guide tour would drop you all in the shopping area and this is the time we were ops with hubby because we don't bring our stroller and it's a pain.
Chocolate Rum Cake

Tipping- As it says "gratuities are always at your discretion".

Launch- Is not included in our historic tour, after window shopping in Bahamas where we don't buy any souvenir except the cake rum for my Parents-in-law we head back to our ship and ate lunch there and it was pouring during that time.

Fort Fincastle- Water Tower

Identification- Bring your Id's  or passport and  your cruise card or else you can't go back to your ship.

Green Card- If you're a Green card holder it is important to bring it for your own convenience.

Money- They accept cash in US dollar so no need to worry about currency exchange.

The historic tour is impressive and good for all ages especially for kids who loves history and culture. I would highly recommend the historic tour if you love history and culture.



  1. Nice shots pa din mhie kahit umuulan.
    Thanks for sharing the story behind those pictures.
    Kawawa naman mga slaves na nagukit ng hagdanan for the queen.
    Anyway, take care mhie and get well soon.

    1. Thank you, Joy, so far I feel better I could seat and play computer for a while but not for long.

  2. Travelling +
    in rain - something different sis :)

    Btw sis, your hubby might want to exchange paper bill collections with me, let me know ok :)

    1. As of now hubby is not interested to exchange it.I'll keep you in my mind if he change his mind about his collection.

  3. Ang saya naman Mhie! Andami mo ng nai-cruise ha? Pwede ba kong magpa-ampon! Haha. O kaya mag-yaya kay Little T! Wahaha. Ang ganda ng effect nun 4th photo, ulan ba yun? Galing.

  4. Please post more pictures so we can enjoy the beauty of Bahamas which you've seen for yourself. :)

  5. You guys certainly knows how to have fun, such a beautiful place to explore.

  6. Great snaps! My daughter who loves traveling and history will surely enjoy a trip like this!

  7. You sure had so much fun! I hope my family and I can also go visit Bahamas sometime. :)

  8. Looks like you have been to a lot of places despite the rain Sis.

    Thanks for all these helpful tips. :)

  9. Nice adventure in Nassau, and photos #2 and #4 reminds me of Fort Santiago.

  10. Oh Bahamas! I'd love to be with you.

    Thanks for the tour, Ate! :)

  11. My husband has been to Bahamas during one of his deployments, and he told me how beautiful the place is.. Sana makapag-cruise din kami ng ganyan soon, at super enjoy daw yan sabi ng mga friends ko na nakapag-cruise na.. =)

    You guys sure did have a lot of fun.. =)

  12. How I wish I could also have my own historical tour at this place :) Ohhhh so beautiful!

  13. thanks for sharing all these things...grabe sis, expert ka na sa pag-cru-cruise...beautiful pictures, looking forward for more pictures of nassau, bahamas! or until your next stop...