4 Places to Visit in Florida

There are a lot things why people wants to live in Florida. It depends with your needs and wants. Like my Parents-in law they want to retire in Florida because they have enough with the cold weather in North and they told me they're snowbird. 

First you have to ask yourself what do you want? Where do you want to stay? What is your preference? Where do you want to travel?
I wish I was there now

Here are the 4 places to Visit in Florida you might be interested:

ORLANDO- When we heard the word "Orlando" it means Theme park where Disney World is.But remember the city has a lot things to offer for all ages and fun all year-round.One of the most visited cities in Florida.
CAPE CANAVERAL- is known because of the " Kennedy Space Center." Other than that closed by Cocoa beach and Merrit Island where you can enjoy the beach.
What do you think?
KEY WEST- is located in the Southernmost part in USA.I've been in Key west and its beautiful and the beach has an emerald blue waters.The top attraction are the  Tropic CinemaKey West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory and more.

MIAMI-offers a multicultural experience.They offer fun for all ages through all year-round. There are lot things to do in Miami like visiting the zoo,museums,and beaches.

Have you been in Florida? If not, what places do you want to visit in Florida?



  1. The beach! Whew!

    I want to go to Orlando to visit the Disney World!

  2. We went to Orlando a couple of years ago, it was fun!

  3. I wish to visit these places someday :) It's free to dream isnt it?


  4. those are awesome places truly a place where a retirement place to live...

  5. Boy, do I pray my family will get to visit Orlando one day! These are bookmark worthy tips. :)

  6. Those are nice places to visit and I prefer visiting Cape Canaveral first. Hope mapuntahan ko nga, but for the moment visiting Floridablanca, Pampanga is a good choice. LOL

  7. My husband and I love the beach! I once asked him if he'd consider staying somewhere in Florida since the weather is almost always warm and beaches there are amazing.. He said, he'll visit, but not live there.. California pa din da wsya talaga.. =D We already talked about going there sometime in the future.. And the places you mentioned above are really nice ones to definitely check out.. =)

  8. I have been to Orlando and cape Canaveral in 2005 and we didn't have kids yet. Next time will be a lot more fun with our daughters with us. BUt I want to go to the Key west, too. I have heard it is really beautiful down there!

  9. How I wish I've been to Florida. Of the four, I want Key West the most bec I love the beach. But I want to visit Disneyland in Orlando, too. :)

  10. We went to Clearwater Beach to watch Yankees spring training in Tampa. They have a nice beach there, but i really want to go to Key West or Miami kaso 4hr away ang layo from Tampa. This coming summer we're planning for a road trip to Grand Panama Beach in Florida ng makapagtampisaw sa tubig alat :)