Why hair is important?

Why hair is important? Are you a person who cares about your look? For me hair is important to our looks it gives a big factor of who we are. I sometime spend money to get what I want for my hair.Some people do the hair extensions or other uses hair wigs to get the looks they want. 

In some history ladies has different style of hair according to their status in life. Some are curlier,  straighter,longer and shorter hair.Today,actresses  has a big influence of our decision of  what hair style we want for ourself.

Our hair makes us different to other people.Looking a trusted hair dresser is not easy.Good thing I have a friend who is a hair dresser, most of the time she does my hair and she told me she bought a new hair stylist supplies where she want to try next time. Having a friend that know's my style  is important and I don't need to explain to her every time what I want and worried about the change.

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  1. You are lucky to have a friend who do your hair there:) Me, seldom lang na mag punta sa hair saloon dito kasi very expensive:)Nag hihintay na lang pag nakakauwi sa Pinas.
    Have a nice week end Mhie!