Alternative family holiday destinations

While trips to the Balearics and other short haul destinations are great bases for breaks with your brood, sometimes you just want to fly those extra miles.

From theme park thrills and spills to beautiful cultural beach breaks , thanks to low cost discount holiday websites, everyone can experience the best of what the world has to offer.

India is one of the most exhilarating areas of the world to discover as a child and as an adult. This is a destination that will mesmerise every member of your clan, with the breathtaking shorelines, wonderful wildlife and delicious local cuisine.
Days here can be spent lounging on the sands, by the pool or on guided tours through nature reserves. Watch young elephants feed and bathe before taking a ride on the back of one of the more mature mammals.

When the idea of India sounds right up your street but you're crying out for a few more animal centred adventures during your stay, consider a family holiday in Kenya.
Base your break at one of the beautifully picturesque beachfront complexes in this African resort, before heading off on a short safari stint with your youngsters. This really is the trip of a lifetime, which will create memories that the whole family will treasure forever.

Famous as the place where dreams come true and the magic of the movies comes to life. If your family are fans of the big - and small - screen, are out-of-the-closet adrenaline junkies, and love awe-inspiring attractions, Orlando is for you.
Nowhere in the world is quite like this. Be sure to add Walt Disney World and the Universal Studios Resort to your itinerary.


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