Glimpse of Kentucky Caverns

Glimpse of  Kentucky Caverns; Kentucky Caverns  formerly known as Mammoth Onyx Cave.The story of each caverns is mostly discovered by kids who are curious about what happening in there surroundings.

Every caverns is unique although most formation are made of stalagmite and stalactite.The Kentucky caverns is a small caverns but has a good story itself.
You can't bring stroller inside the caverns as you see in my photos.As you know the Kentucky caverns is an active cave-meaning that the rainwater drips through the ground and this continually create new formations.
The tour ended almost 45 minutes-the tour guide would tell you the history of the caverns and tour guide  would turn off the light inside so you have an  idea how dark  inside the caverns if there is no light.

Inside the caverns is 60 degrees all-year round.One thing,I like in caverns is the different formations and colours of stalagmites and stalactites.
Frugal Tip: If you are an active duty of military with id you'll receive free admission and 10% off family discount


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