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Disney Dream Cruse: All Aboard Day 4

Disney Dream Cruse: All Aboard Day 4:
    Were ready to go home.On our 4th day  of Disney Dream Cruise we stayed all day at the ship and lot of things to do for all ages. The ocean is calm and the panoramic view is awesome. All you could see is water and nothing else.Imagine yourself in the middle of nowhere but so relaxing, beautiful sunrise and sunset. What else you want?

Disney Princess Characters:

     After our breakfast, we went to atrium lobby to saw the Disney Princess Characters where we have an opportunity for autograph and photo shots.Well, my daughter changed her mind after 10 minutes in-line for Disney Princess Characters, sigh :( ,what else I could say but to understand her that she wants to do anything else than to wait.

Disney Movie Theater: 
     In Disney Dream Cruise they have their own movie theater inside the ships, since we never been in the movie theater with "Little Travelentz" before, we decided to brought her in the theater and  seen "BRAVE"- what do you expect for a three year-old in movie theater,after 15 minutes we found ourselves in Deck 11 ate ice cream.

Disney's Oceaneer Club:

   As a parent,we tried our best to expose my "Little travelentz" with new things and let it do in her own ways or decide whatever she wants, so at this time we put her in at Disney's Oceaneer Club where she could play with other kids and enjoyed being a kid. They have a nice program so were not worried while  I and hubby had a great time in the adult pool and aqua duck.

Walt Disney's Entertainment:
   In the evening we saw the "I Believe" live musical show, after the show we went down to shopped and bought some souvenirs. My daughter bought the Disney Princess Characters and waited for our dinner in Enchanted Garden. 

Hubby and I had blast at Aqua duck

After our dinner we headed back to our room to packed all our things, since we have to put all our bags outside the room before 10:30 p.m.. I could not believed my vacation dream come true as you know  "Cruise Vacation is my ultimate dreams in life" so thankful to husband who gave and fulfilled my dream vacation. Today, I'll be honest I don't have any vacation dreams-I am happy to travel and see some places and I don't mind anymore wherever our feet just go ;) 

I know next year will be a different story and our travel vacation will be limited since "Little Travelentz" will be going to  school.




  1. Oh , I like the food's picture, hmmm...I also like the aqua duck. I hope we'll also get a chance to travel on a cruise.

  2. Soon, your 'Little Travelentz' will get the feel of the new discoveries she experienced while on the tour. But the good thing this cruise brought to your family is the extra time for bonding with each other. Sana makita ko at makapagpa-autograph din ako kay Snow White. ;)

  3. I love to take photos of Snow White! That cruise is definitely one of the best I've ever seen. :-)

  4. That's such a lovely cruise vacay! I hope one day my family and I will get to experience the fun too! :)

  5. Dream vacation indeed, Mhie! You're very lucky you've got a husband who realized your dream vacation. I love all the pretty captures.

  6. oh my that sushi makes me hungry

  7. Everything in the picture is so fantastic, those sights are great for picture taking.

  8. really cool adventure...their slide looks similar to Carnival Magic.

  9. Wow how cool is that cruise I wish I can do that too a dream hopefully will come true...

  10. Such good parents. It's always better to expose your kid(s) in anything as a kid. I'm not lucky enough because my parents were so strict when I was kid and I was not able to play outside the house. They just let me explore life when I turned 18, which was just last year.

  11. little travelentz being exposed to the many gifts of life am sure will grow a well rounded person learning from every experience you so give her, am sure when she goes to school, though vacation dates may not be as flexible for you, but you would still find great vacation. i am so drawn to your sushi picture Mhie, so love your focus there, makes me wish i am having sushi now :)

  12. wow! I love the first picture..encounter with the princesses!
    Im sure...and the food?...yummy!


  13. snow white looks like a man! lol. look at those arms and that waist line. ugh! hahaha.. sorry sis ha.. but he i mean she really does! lol. that disney experience sure is fun. hope we will experience this too.