Family bonding in Antler Hill Village & Winery tour

if you could see some kind of sign makes your life easy to find and decide where you want to go first.

We had a chance to bond with my in-laws and family in Antler Hill Village and winery tour. The best part in the tour is shopping and wine tasting. Wine  complimentary tasting i, so we don't missed the part of wine tasting and it's really good.The wine hosts are friendly and helpful. They're ready to help you if you have some questions about their wine and give you some recommendations if you need it. Hubby likes red wine-dry not sweets,and I do like white wine that is semi-sweets. Yeah! I have a sweet tooth.

view of the Bitmore inn

Other than wine tasting in winery, I bought
some dressings that I like and ate some sample goodies. We really had fun in our winery tour even my in-laws.
Winery Address:
1 Approach Road
                                                                 Asheville, NC(828) 225-1333

I like the gazebo, as you see people are just sitting,relax and enjoy the panoramic view of Biltmore.

After the tour in winery, we went to the village where we roam around and saw some exhibits like  Tiffany and Vintage Car on Display. The exhibit in Tiffany is impressive but you're not allowed to photographs inside the exhibits.

"It is global cuisine presented with Biltmore flair. Open daily for lunch, dinner, and late night entertainment."

Did I mention that Antler Hill Village & Winery tour is part in the Biltmore estate.

In this place "little m" is happy since she can ran around especially  when we went to farm life that made  in the early 1900s.
I like these flowers, it looks like a christmas tree.
I was inside the car when I took this photo.

Things to do in Antler Village for family:
a. Carriage Rides
b.Guided Horseback Trail Rides
c. Biking
d. relax and enjoy in their restaurants



  1. Nice, nag North Carolina pala kayo :) Ganda nga nung red and green tree. Galing ng photographer ;)

    Thanks for sharing this over at Happiness Is. See you there again for another round of happy posts ;)

  2. wow, that's a lovely place...must be really great to be there, i bet! great experience to keep for sure! visiting late from happiness is...hope you can visit me back. thanks and have a great week. :)