Trick or treat is fun

Trick or treat is always fun for kids and adults, and one of my favourite holiday because of the customes and going to neighborhood for trick or treat.This year was so much fun for me. We went to the Ghouls zoo at Nashville and Zoo boo at Detroit zoo with friends and parents-in -law.

Halloween is celebrated every 31st of October, this year I decided to go with friends here in TN.I spent a day at friends' house and after that we went to the fire station in Tullahoma and met our other friends for trick and treat. Around 6 p.m we started walking around the neighborhood for trick or treat. We had fun at first, time flies and we walked for an hour and get cold.Around 7:30 we drove going back home and enjoy our treat.

Some photos for trick or treat 2011.
Trick or treat is fun: Glow stick headband.
Trick or treat is fun: Butterfly glow stick
Trick or treat is fun:our life
Trick or treat is fun: ready to walk the neighborhood.
Trick or treat is fun: with mommy
Trick or treat is fun: with monkey costume.
Location: Tullahoma, TN, USA


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