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Cold at Detroit Zoo boo

It was cold and I felt freezing especially if we stop moving around during our visited the Detroit zoo boo.They have time schedule in the gate, we entered in the gate around 7:30, goshhhh a lot of people or family are  there. The Detroit Zoo boo is quite popular in Michigan. The trail is really organized and have some nice decorations for halloween.They have 12 trail stations which was sponsored by Meijer. The trick or treat  trail is  one way and you can't go back.The 
Detroit Zoo’s carousel is open but you have to pay 2 bucks age 3-up If i'm not mistaken according to the lady there.

We purchase advance ticket in online which cost 7 bucks each person.It is really cheap compare to other zoo boo.But you get what you pay right? 

It was my first  experienced to go in the Detroit Zoo boo but  I really don't care to come back for next halloween because for me it was too much crowded.

Above all the Detroit Zoo boo was really organized smooth and family friendly.

Some of the photos I took during our zoo boo at Detroit.
Location: Detroit Zoological Society, 8450 W 10 Mile Rd, Royal Oak, MI 48067-3001, USA


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