Things you should know before you Go in USA

Things you should know before you Go in USA are easy if you knew it already. It is really basic in life to be more independent. Life in USA is not easy as what people think. For my experienced it is a slow transition in life but a big change in my lifestyle. If you're planning to move and leave in America, Travelentz will give you an idea what you should expect :

1. Learn How to drive- Driving is not easy especially if you don't have a car in your country.Learn the basic driving, once you're in USA you can get around easily. Some county has no public transportation like Asia.
2. Learn to use coupon- this is really important if you want to save some bucks.
3. Learn to buy in outlet store- buying in outlet store is a big difference than buying in a retail store.
4. Learn to buy in bulk-if you have a big family try to buy a bulk products, and you can buy it mostly in Sam's Club and Costco.
5. Wait for SALE-every end of the season big SAle and coupon or discounts is on your way, so if you can wait to buy, you can save some bucks on doing this and has a big difference in mark down.

Remember all is matter in your needs and wants in life. Travelentz just give you an idea of what she's doing in America.Not all people in America are rich, it's the same with other country. 


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