Our Day in Grand Canyon Arizona

Our day in Arizona Grand Canyon  were a great experienced. Travelentz decided to drove around the South rim Grand  Canyon where you can see the spectacular view. Pictures doesn't justify the beauty of natures until you're there and amazed us  the true beauty of Grand Canyon, experienced it and you will understand why Grand Canyon is worth to visit once in a life-time.

Our first stop in south rim point view to Grand Canyon.

Our first stops is at the Gate of the National Park of Grand Canyon, and paid  25 bucks for 7 day passes, they gave us a map of the Grand Canyon.We drove along the rim to see the different view of Grand Canyon. Some Photos I took during our visited.

Some animals you can see in The Grand Canyon.
No pictures can  describe how amazing is The Grand Canyon.Experience it.

Some Plants you could see around the Grand canyon.
Things to do in Grand Canyon

a. Hiking-A popular way to get to the bottom of the canyon is by hiking.Be prepared bring lots of water and wear a hiking shoes. Always stay in the trails.

You can hike and use the trail to go down and see closer the Colorado river."

The north rim of the Grand Canyon rises about 1,200 feet higher that the south rim. The highest points on the rim are about 9,000 feet above sea level."

b.Driving around the rim of  Grand Canyon- is your chance to see some different spectacular view.

c. Camping- is possible in some campsites located around the park including the Mather Campground, Trailer Village, and Desert View Campground. You have to  pay  in addition to the park entrance fee.



  1. At last I have seen you Mhie and your dearest family. Nice pictures:)

  2. Hi Sis... Thanks for the like and for the add on G+. It went through... You're blessed to had the opportunity to see beautiful places like this one...

    Here for HH...

  3. Wow! Jealous much ako :) Gusto ko din mapuntahan ang Grand Canyon. Ano ano pa pwedeng i-explore sa area? Nanghihinayang naman ako kasi dayuhin kung yung Grand Canyon lang makikita ko :D

    Thanks for sharing this over at Happiness Is. See you there again for another round of happy posts :)

  4. no words can describe it i bet...its really beautiful! you're lucky and blessed to be there, and nice to see your lovely family. visiting late from happiness is...hope you can visit me back. thanks and have a great week. :)

  5. those are beautiful shots Mhie, and love the first picture with your family enjoying the grandness of the canyon.

  6. ahhhh another beautiful place that your family enjoyed! kaingit naman

  7. stunning captures. thanks for sharing. i just hope i could bring my family there for a vacation. not necessarily at the grand canyon though.. just kidding.

    cheers for sharing! :)

  8. Such a magnificent place and wonderful shots, Mhie.. I have a friends who's been to Grand Canyon, and she said that there's magic in that place that captivates you. I wish I can set my feet on that place someday.

  9. Wow! What a place! Very breathtaking. ♥

  10. I've done lot of researched about the Grand Canyon, and I truly agree , that place is a must one to see!!! Photos will just be a speck of a sand if we will gauge the true beauty of GC..

  11. breathtaking views...I would love to go there again...amazing!

  12. OW I know how beautiful Grand Canyon is because we went there twice. The beauty of Grand Canyon is amazing cannot imagine how it happened..

  13. ahhh such an amazing view! how i wish we could visit this place, but alas its the opposite side of US, we have to take the plane to get there. il just look at your photos nalang. hehe

  14. wow!..lagi ko na lang to nakikita kong saan saan...I wish I can visit this someday...