12 Solid Reasons To Choose Camping For Your Next Vacation

There are thousands of different places that you can choose to visit when you next go on vacation and there are tons of types of vacation to choose from. One such type that many people tend not to bother with, though, is camping.
Sometimes, you need a little push to move from a desk and time with technology into the great outdoors. When you have children, it is easier to do because children grab you by the hand and drag you outside to enjoy it. The arrival of the warmer weather always encourages families to head out and enjoy nature in its rawest form, but no matter what the time of year, people love to camp. There’s something about being in the open air and seeing the sites and smelling the smells that come with staying close to nature rather than in a hotel room. It may feel tempting to just book a hotel for your vacation so that you can take stock around the pool, but just like there’s no point in camping if you plan just to sit by the fire, you need to plan a camping vacation that’s going to make your heart sing.
Bonfire Surrounded With Green Grass Field

Camping can be lots of fun with the right planning and the right equipment to enhance your trip. It’s not all making s’mores and telling ghost stories. It’s learning how to build a fire, to pitch a tent, to take on adrenaline-inducing activities and learn to find the peace in the great outdoors. It’s a good time to take yourself back into your hobbies that you may have put aside while you rock the office and boost your career. You need to take a moment to step back from life, gather your tent, pack your car with all your equipment, including sports equipment and braided line for fishing, and get out there! Book the best campsite that you know of and give yourself reasons to get back to nature in a big way. Below, you’ll find twelve fantastic reasons to choose camping as your next vacation choice.
Going Green Again.
We’ve mentioned already about getting back to nature and reconnecting with the earth again. Being out in the air isn’t just about being in a different environment from the house or the workplace, it’s about seeing the world. It’s noticing that there is more than one shade of green in the trees. It’s noticing the way that the rocks in the brook make the water split as it rushes. It’s knowing how to light a fire and cook your own food on a makeshift spit. Being in nature isn’t going to make you suddenly love the mud or the rain, but it’s going to show you that there is so much more to the life that you have. Plus, the kids REALLY love the mud.
Unplugging, For A Change.
Life is surrounded in screens. No matter what you do or where you go, you’ve got a screen in your pocket or at your desk. There’s Netflix and games consoles and smartphones and triple screens for your work. You may also time your coffeemaker to make you the perfect cappuccino every day. Going camping actually allows you to remove yourself from that screen-laden environment and appreciate something else. Decompress and leave the electronics at home.
A Rush Of Adrenaline.
Extreme sports are so common when people choose camping. Kayaking, white water rafting, freshwater fishing and even cliff climbing are all ways to make your heart race, your stomach clench and the adrenaline rush around your body. The workout that you get from hiking to the right spot, from climbing the side of a steep hill and even abseiling back down again is so worth every second of camping in the great outdoors.
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Time For Quiet.
Cities and towns are full of a low buzz of noise. Traffic, aircraft noise, people; they all make a low and steady hum of noise wherever you go. You work hard all week, you have the kids on the weekend and there’s never really anywhere you can go that seems really quiet. Until now. Camping puts you in a place that’s usually in the middle of nowhere, with huge amounts of forestry, fields and bodies of water wherever you are. There’s no traffic. There are no people chattering on phones on the subway. There is just you, your family and the outdoors. Sit somewhere peaceful and listen to the water. Hear the actual rush of the wind in the trees and tell the difference between the chirping crickets and the cicadas. A quiet place is the best area to unwind.
Quality Time.
Family schedules clash massively during the week. Working shifts, school timetables and a ton of responsibilities with housework and grocery shopping all take away time together as a family. Camping gives you the chance to snatch that back. Sit. Talk. Eat. All of the things you wanted to do to catch up on each other and catch up on the news you haven’t managed to share are all so important.
Cheap Travel.
Camping is so much cheaper than booking a vacation at a resort. If you are camping, you can travel for less cash and you get to see more for it, too. Paying for transportation only means that you could take more trips away to camp at various spot on various weekends. The world is truly your oyster when you choose to camp, and if you want to upgrade, you could choose to get a camper van instead.
Cooking Basics.
When you want the chance to reconnect with the kids, what better way to do that than with teaching them how to cook over a fire? You could teach them hot to roast meat, cook sauces and you can have so much fun buying really basic food items and making new things out of them. There’s such a thing as campfire stew for a good reason!
Relight The Fire.
When you spend so much time working and busy, you can really lose the intimacy in your relationship. It’s not always the case in every marriage but losing the connection that you had is an easy thing to happen when life is busy. You can relight the fire in your marriage when you slough off the distractions and get back to each other. Whether you choose to go with your significant other, a best friend or a family member, you can use camping to reconnect and get to know each other again.
Stars: They Shine.
How often do you head outside at night just to look up? I’m willing to bet it’s not all that often. The best thing about being out in nature and camping is the chance to snuggle down in a sleeping bag and look into the stars. If you’re lucky enough to get a clear and cloudless night, you’re going to get a huge swell of twinkling stars gazing right back at you. There is barely any light pollution in nature, which gives you a moment to see far beyond anything else that you could imagine.
New Skills.
Being outside after so long being cooped up means that you’re going to have a chance to learn some skills that you can’t do in your usual, modern, everyday life. Teach your kids to fish while they teach you how to tie knots, learned from going to scouts. Plan some educational things in advance of a family trip; you’ll all get to learn something new together.
Refresh Yourself.
If you choose to head off camping on a Friday night after work, then you’ve got a weekend to spend in the great outdoors before you head back to the office. It’s a great way to slough off the cobwebs and restart your working week on a total, natural high. Take your time to get back to the office but do it as a more refreshed version of yourself.
It’s For Everyone.
It doesn’t matter whether your usual vacation choice is you, a cocktail and a good book next to a swimming pool, camping is for everyone. It has something to make anyone of any age feel amazing and brings you in touch with yourself as much as nature. You could choose to glamp if you don’t know how to get down and sleep on the floor of a tent. There are so many ways to camp, and as long as you haven’t forgotten the giant marshmallows or a torch, you could be right now on your way to having the best vacation of your life.
Camping isn’t just something that children do in the backyard. It can be an exciting option for a family vacation that you have so far been overlooking. Don’t overlook it; camping is a chance for everyone to have fun with each other in a way that they haven’t for a very long time. Camping is awesome, so what are you waiting for? Book your camping trip today.



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