The whitetail deer hunt in South Carolina is on!

The whitetail deer hunt in South Carolina is on! Whitetail deer hunting season in South Carolina opened on August 15, and the early returns are very favorable. And outside of deer, hunters that descend upon the lowland areas of South Carolina looking to bag other game in the state have other options to choose from outside of the rich whitetail population. With large numbers of turkey, wild boar, and quail out in the vast woodlands, hunting in South Carolina has consistently proven to be one of the most popular areas in the country. Species harvests are abundant, South Carolina's hunting season is much longer than some surrounding states, the weather provides ideal hunting conditions...the list can go on and on!

For hunters that may be interested in South Carolina hunting but don't have a location or camp in mind, there are several options they can look into. One which is tremendously popular with hunters of all experience levels is booking a 3 or 4-day hunting trip at one of South Carolina's fine hunting lodges.

With a variety of hunting lodges in southeast South Carolina located in general proximity to each other, the region in and around Fairfax is the state's hunting "hotspot". To get lodge and hunting information, dates, prices on guided hunting trips, and a great deal more to discover, hunters would be best served by looking at hunting lodges in South Carolina by way of an internet search. The first page of the search using 'hunting lodges South Carolina' in a search engine will display a map with hunting lodge locations and accompanying lodge website accessibility. Accessing sites located here is the best way to compare and contrast hunting lodges, seeing just which one looks the best.

Hunters that look for thrilling hunting adventures on managed hunting properties, with thousands of deer, wild hogs, and quail in accumulated harvests should look closely at a hunting lodge, like Cedar Knoll Hunting Lodge, that virtually guarantees success on every hunt.

When hunting on the managed property, hunters will be led by expert guides to prime hunting spots in blinds overlooking year-round food plots and feeding stations. Daily hunts, which come in 3 and 4-day packages throughout hunting season, are split into two separate hunts each day. Numbers of hunters at the lodges are limited to small numbers to maximize the chances of success for those who do book hunts with the lodge. Hunters can enjoy straight-up whitetail deer hunting or may elect to go out on a combination hunt.


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