Sweet Treats For Christmas

Sweet Treats For Christmas

Christmas is a time of the year when you can satisfy your sweet tooth with a variety of treats. Cookies are an option if you enjoy something sweet but without a large serving. When you order Christmas cookies Chicago IL bakeries make, you need to have an idea in mind as to how many you need and the design that you want. Cookies can be ordered for a party for your child's class at school, or you could get one or two trays for a special event with the family or with those who you work with. 

There are a few Christmas cookie tips to keep in mind if you work in a bakery and are sending out orders to customers. Cookie bars and brownies are often better for mailing with cookies being the best option for customers to pick up at the bakery. The bars and brownies will hold their structure better as the cookies might tend to become flat or soft while in transit. Make sure the cookies have rounded edges if you are shipping them. Pointed edges sometimes break off while they are being shipped. 

If you're looking for something a little different than cookies, then consider fruit breads, such as banana bread or one that's made with the ingredients that are in a fruit cake. These can easily be wrapped with plastic and mailed along with the cookies for a variety of sweet treats. If mailing cookies is the only option, then think about using a cookie dough that isn't too fragile. As a customer, try to find a cookie with substance, such as an oatmeal and raisin cookie. If it's made with substantial ingredients, then it can sometimes hold together better while it's being shipped to your house. 

Items that are mailed should be double wrapped. This can help to prevent the items from breaking in the tin or box. When you get the cookies, check to see that there aren't any broken pieces, and you want to make sure that the cookies are decorated in the way that you want them to look instead of a simple design by the store. 


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