The Little Things You Love About Airports When You Travel Grown-Up Style

As you finally drop the backpacking travel for real, grown-up experience, it is also time to give you a little reminder of what airports look like when you are ready to invest in your traveling hobby. If you haven’t already, wave goodbye to old habits, and discover the magical world of traveling with style, and what it means when you get to the airport. This is just a reality check for all those who are still looking for their new year’s resolutions: Traveling with style should be on top of your list! And here’s why:

Flying Is Finally Synonymous Of Comfort
Flying is a stressful experience for all economy travelers. The queue at the terminal is just as long as the ones you could find around most of Euro Disney’s main attractions, and it is just as slow too. People are crushed together, hanging on for dear life onto their backpacks as they approach the boarding gate. And once, you’ve finally made it to the plane, the big race for the storage room starts, and you might find that some earlier passenger has already filled up the storage compartment so that your bag is relocated at the end of the plane. Last insult to your flying trip: You have barely enough room for your legs, or at least you would have room if you didn’t have legs or a neighbour whose elbow is painfully pointing at your ribs.
All of this disappears when you start travelling first class. There’s barely any queue at the boarding gate, and you arrive completely stress-free. As you are boarding before the economy class, you know that no one is going to rush you through. On the plane, you will find that the seats are genuinely roomier so that you’ll be able to stretch out your legs comfortably. On long flights, first class travellers are even served better food!

No More Bus To Get To The Airport
If you remember the long, crowded coach journey to get to the airport, you can now forget about it. Travelling with style means simpler and more comfortable journeys. For most travellers, this means getting the car to the airport. Whether you pick a cab if you are not too far, or your car, is up to you. Airports offer now long term parking options that cover days to weeks, during which your car is secured and looked after so that you don’t have to worry about anything. Driving to the airport is, for most cases, an immediate drop in your stress level, unless you happen to fly at a particularly busy time of the day.  

A Privileged Airport Stay
You’re a grown-up now: The time of homemade sandwiches that you eat at the airport while waiting for your plane is gone. You can now invest in your comfort at the airport so that everything can run smoothly there too. Regular travellers like to get a travel membership that will guarantee quick security screening, lounge access, and even a few goodies too if you are lucky! Don’t think that this is wasted money: After sitting in crowded waiting space at the boarding gate, you’ll soon appreciate the luxury of first class lounges that provide food, room and complete peace of mind while your fellow travellers are sitting on the floor outside with their bag between their knees.  


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