Maintaining A Tactical Blade

In tactical situations, having a dependable, sharp knife is extremely important. To maintain the blade, you must prevent corrosion by using it and storing it properly.

Blade Maintenance:

Although most tactical blades are made with quality steel, the surfaces will still corrode over time. This is why you must oil the springs and joints occasionally. One or two drops of oil is an ideal amount. By lubricating the knife regularly, it will always open and close with ease. 

If your blade ever becomes moist, thoroughly dry the surfaces with a rag. However, if salt water contacts the blade, rinse it with tap water immediately and dry it. Then, rub a small coat of oil on the blade.

Protecting The Blade:

A knife should never be stored in its sheath because moisture will collect in the leather. Over time, the moisture will generate pits on the steel.

Only use a blade for specific tasks that are recommended by the manufacturer. If you use a blade incorrectly, you could damage the entire knife.

Cleaning Advice:

Tactical knives can be cleaned with nail polish remover or alcohol. Never use harsh chorine cleaners because they will speed up the corrosion process.

A tactical knife is an investment that can help you in a variety of situations. If you clean and maintain the blade, you will never have problems when you use it.


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