Weekend in Richmond: Get Your Ghost On

It's probably not surprising that a city as immersed in history as Richmond would have a reputation for ghosts and paranormal activity. Going back to its role in the nation's founding through its pivotal importance in the Civil War, Richmond has more than enough cemeteries, monuments, and historical residences to house a veritable army of ghosts. If haunting is your thing, check out these ghosts in Richmond.

The Lady in Red at Wrexham Hall
Even if you're only plan for an overnight stay at any of these Richmond hotels, you can still visit one of the area's most infamous ghosts. Wrexham Hall in Chesterfield, an easy drive from RIC, is a popular wedding venue — and home to the ghost of Susannah Walthall, a wraith-like figure in a bright red dress. Local lore says Susannah lingers at the 1770s home because a later owner disturbed the family's graveyard, depriving her of a final resting place. Guests at Wrexham Hall report chairs that mysteriously rock when no one is in them, footsteps on empty stairs, and objects that disappear and reappear at random.  

Robert Coulter at the Byrd Theatre

Image via Flickr by Gamma Man
The historic Byrd Theatre was completed in 1928, and was the state's first theater with a sound system. The theater's original manager, Robert Coulter, remained in charge from the date the theater opened until the day of his death in 1971. Apparently unwilling to relinquish his role in operations of the theater — even after death — Mr. Coulter is rumored to haunt the theatre, helping to bar the doors at closing time or perched in the balcony taking in a show. You might even see a bonus ghost, the spirit of a little girl who lurks in the women's restroom. 

The Ghost Children at the Edgar Allan Poe Museum
Though Poe himself never lived there, the Old Stone House, the oldest home in Richmond, serves as the location of the Edgar Allan Poe Museum. The museum contains the largest collection of the writer's artifacts, from his boyhood bed to his early manuscripts and writing utensils. This beautiful house in Richmond's Shockoe district is also reportedly home to two youthful spirits, a blonde boy and girl, who wander through the courtyard gardens. Locals believe they are the children of the German immigrants who built the house. 

The Soldiers at Hollywood Cemetery
Hollywood Cemetery, overlooking the James River, is the final resting place of three U.S. Presidents, two Supreme Court justices, 23 Confederate generals, and thousands of soldiers. There is also a 90-foot granite pyramid standing tribute to the 11,000 unknown soldiers buried there. Visitors report moaning and crying coming from the pyramid, believed to be from the spirits of the unknown soldiers seeking to make their presence known. A bit behind the pyramid lies the grave of a young girl guarded by a cast-iron dog. Groundskeepers and visitors alike claim the dog moves spontaneously and growls if anyone gets too close to the little girl's grave. 

If you like paranormal activities and chasing ghosts, why not use Hipmunk to book a flight to Richmond for a haunting weekend getaway? If you're an experienced ghostbuster who's explored the city's haunted places, share your tips in the comments below!

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  1. We watches a lot of paranormal shows on TV and this would be a great event to do!