Why You Should Visit Jungle Island

When I was planning our vacation going to Florida, I research all the things to do  that's   family  friendly  and  the Jungle Island caught my attention, it is  one of a kind  and I'm impressed all the exhibits and animals they have. There are many reason that you should visit the Jungle Island.If you love animals,  animals live show and friendly atmosphere this place is for you.

What is Jungle Island?
  • 450 extraordinary animals from around the globe.
  • lives up to its name with its lush tropical jungle setting filled with unusual flora, from the extraordinary African sausage tree to a collection of rare cycads.
  • Building upon a rich tradition that began in 1936.

  • Located at:1111 Parrot Jungle Trail, Miami, FL 33132 (305) 400-7000

I know your first question "Why You Should Visit Jungle Island":

Family Friendly:This is my first requirement when I'm looking for an attractions. Being a mom, it is very important to me.My daughter had fun at the same time my husband and I enjoyed and impressed of what they offer to their visitors.

Animal Live Show: If you visit the Jungle Island don't forget to check the show. It is spectacular and worth your time. I've been in many zoo but I never seen this kind of live show and animals.It's amazing.
  • Winged Wonders-located in Parrot Bowl
  • Wild Encounter-Jungle Theater

Close-up Encounters-Unlike the zoo, Jungle Island has different style and it's make them more appealing and has a close-up encounters of the animals. Seriously, I was amazed with Lions, ligers and more. I feel they will eat me anytime and I never been to closed with those animals only in Jungle Island.

Experience and savor it: I'm grateful, I have the chance to visit and share with my family and to you. 

Disclosure: Thank you  Jungle Island for  the complimentary tickets. However,I will always share my honest opinion  about my  travel experience.



  1. I love that picture of that guy staring at the lion and your daughter's smile is a winner hehehe.

  2. Lovely snaps of the birds sis. They are so vivid and you captured them really well!

  3. I love this! I wish I can go with this with my family soon.