Our day in Madri Gas World in New Orleans

Our day in Madri Gas World in New Orleans was fabulous. My  family and I had a chance to see the so called "behind-the-scene" of different floats, the processed of making the Madri Gas was one of a kind.

Before our tour started,it was funny how we ended-up in the tour. My family and I had no plan on that day. We woke up so early and walked around the downtown in New Orleans. It happened I saw  the name and  curious about it. With my surprised we walked too far and husband was tired-so do I. I kept talking to him we almost there and we have to take the tour since we're on the area. Well, husband is so good with me, without any complaint, he agreed and arrived in Madri Gass World with sore feet.

The tour started in a small room were you can watch  the short and brief history of Madri Gass, then the  tour guide given us the  chance to wear the traditional Madri Gas costume for us to be photographed in custome next to the sculptured (if you want) after that, served with a slice king cake- the traditional Madri Gas snacks then headed to the factory for more exciting.

The story was interesting.My daughter was  excited to see some  sparkle and breathtaking floats.Being on the festival is phenomenal but one thing I knew I can't handle the crowd with my little ones with this kind of activities. 

Good thing, one woman asked us about the free shuttle which brings you in downtown locations. After the tour we just waited  at the front door, around 10 minutes the bus arrived  and headed back to our hotel without walking for many miles under the sun.



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