The Top 5 Things to See in Corsica

Corsica, France, is a laid back Mediterranean place, which is warm all year long. This area has long been known for its amazing beaches and pleasant atmosphere. With so much to do, one could never just come one time. This is a spot that tourists frequent year after year for its charm and beauty. With the beaches and mountains all tied into a beautiful package, Corsica is the perfect place to spend your holiday. While in Corsica, there are a few things you want to ensure you get to see.
Ajaccio is a small town on the west coast of Corsica. It has the mountains on one side and the Gulf of Ajaccio, on the other. This roman town has a lot of ruins and artefacts that attracts many visitors each year. Once inside this town, it will become apparent that one is in the hometown of Napoleon Bonaparte. There are monuments, marked locations of his play areas and the National Bonaparte Museum. This little town is very picturesque, with its little Mediterranean houses and exquisite architecture.
The beaches of Corsica are spectacular. Whether one is looking for sand, or a pebbles and rock beach, there is something for everyone. Arinella is a popular beach site. One can walk miles in the sand, or take advantage of any water sport here. There is a lot of space to stretch out here. Arone is another great beach area. This beach is off the beaten path and not as hectic as other beaches might be.
Bastia is a wonderful area to visit. Victor Hugo lived in this town as a child. This area has splendid narrow streets, lined with crumbling buildings from the 18th century. In this harbour, one can watch guests arriving from Italy and France. The Old Harbour area is a great way to spend the day or night. There are several restaurants and eateries, which have a great meal or spirits. The Murato church is also popular here. This church was constructed of black and white bricks, alternating to make a beautiful pattern.
For rolling pastures, vineyards and charming villages, visit Nebbio. This area is not overcrowded by tourists and allows one to experience true life, as the villagers live. St Michele de Murato, is a popular site with the multi collared stone patterns. The church has remarkable views of the mountains and has well-known statues. This area is one of the most popular for producing wine, for the entire Corsica area. While visiting one might be tempted to have a sip, or two and look at the gorgeous landscaping.

Like something out of a movie, the village of Nonza sits on a hill. This little town sits above water, with some of the most stunning views on the whole island. Visit the Paoline Tower, part of a fabulous castle, situation high on a hill, viewing the water. Visit the pink, statue of St Julie. St Julie was crucified here in the 16th century. This area is known to have a natural spring, due to the fact that after her death, her breasts were removed and thrown at a rock. To view the fascinating statue, one will have to take a decent flight of stairs. The whole area is surrounded by water for a tranquil atmosphere.
No matter what sites one visits in Corsica, France they are sure to be captivating. The whole area seems to have a utopia like feel, which is inviting. Visiting with the locals and getting off the beaten path, can prove to be beneficial in discovering new and exciting adventures. With Italy and Sicily being so close, one could even take a ferry ride there for the day. It is the perfect way to spend any vacation.

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