Happy Mother's Day: My Beautiful,Understanding and Best Mother-In-Law

I know am not  often talk about my life here and I do my best to conceal my families privacy- as they are not the main focus in Travelentz blog.Today let me share you about my beautiful and best  Mother-in-law.

I've stayed in USA for almost 6 years and life is not the same when I first stepped in this country where there is cold and freezing days ( hahhahah). I am thankful from the time of my arrival my Mother-in-law accepted me and treated me as her daughter and she brought me in Somerset Mall for shopping on that week and bought some stuffs I needed for cold weather. I could not asked for more as she is my best friend, my second mother and the best adviser in my life that makes my day.

She guided me and she is always there to extend her help in anything. The best part she is my shopping buddy( peace if she can read this)hahhaha. In this Mother's day I want her to know, I appreciated everything she does to my family for raising her son which is my  husband and turns for being a responsible and loving husband to me and to Little Travelentz.  

Being with my Mother-in-law has no dull moment she makes me smile and we usually have girls days out once I visited her. 

I talked to her most of the time and we shared girly talks which amuses me. I don't need to hide anything nor hesitant to talk out of my feelings and problems about raising her granddaughter- she gives the best advise that sometime I could not think.Thank you Mother-in-law and I love you.


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