Patti's 1880's settlement worth to visit

Patti's 1880's settlement worth to visit.It was our first time to visit the Patti's 1880's settlement is a small and neat place. I was impressed for the things they offered. If you're hungry they have restaurant, if you want a wedding to place they have a small chapel and receptions for your day, and some activities to offered for kids. My daughter love it.

We walked down a shady pleasant walk, and ended up at Reflections, a store that sells chimes, candles and other home decor and garden.

Patti's 1880's settlement: The remote boat.
Patti's 1880's settlement:The garden

Patti's 1880 is an  award-winning restaurant where they're famous for its two "thick pork chops, mile-high meringue pies and pot bread. Patti's 1880 settlement has  unique gift shops in a village recreated historical log cabin, beautiful gardens, gazebos, a wedding chapel, catering, private flows, meanders, patpat or mini golf, remote control boats and 26 foot high wall of rock.
Patti's 1880's settlement: The Gazebo and the windmill.



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