Monte Carlo Resort in Batangas, Philippines

R,G, M and Little "m" are enjoying the water.

During our stayed in Monte Carlo Resort in Batangas was not fun. It was a  crappy day everyday. I'm glad people in Anilao, Batangas was really nice even though the staff in Monte Carlo Resort.  The place is expensive of what we paid, well we don't have a choice, we are tired, and had jet log. We want to have  a room and escape in Makati, Philippines until 3 days before we're going to our hometown.We don't research   in internet or read some blogs about Batangas and that was  our mistakes. If you are traveling in one place I would suggest read always reviews or blogs that gives you an idea if it is worth it or not depending of what you're doing.

Well we enjoyed in Monte Carlo resort we don't do anything just enjoy the ambiance of the resort, We go out and ate and go back and sleep or swim in the pool.We don't do any tours.

If you want to dive in some of the most spectacular underwater paradise Philippines,Anilao, Batangas is one of the perfect place for you. With easy access to some of the best diving in the Philippines and a full dive shop and instructors.

How to get in Monte Carlo Resort: It is only two or three hours away from Manila by bus, taxi or private car. Make sure if your  hire a private car he knows the place you were going.

The weather during our stayed in Monte Carlo was all crappy.
M and R enjoying the pool in Monte Carlo Resort, Batangas.
We're ready to go back in our hometown.

G  and little 'M'....

Things to do in Anilao Batangas: Scuba diving, water sports, island hopping and more.

Address in Monte Carlo Resort:
Brgy. Majuben, Mabini
Batangas, Philippines



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