About travelentz

Welcome to Travelentz.com! This blog is about  family travel.

Why this blog is created: 
This blog was created to document all of our family travel and inspires you as well. Having a baby is not an obstacle to go on vacation,it's just another reason to educate your kids and understand what is outside the box.

I was born and raised in Philippines, after 25 years in Philippines, I moved to  Thailand  and worked as ESL  teacher. I would say I love the country the people are nice,friendly and the culture is amazing. I felt at home and never got homesick.The  thai food is always great. I love "pad thai'' and "somtam".

In 2008, I moved to US, follow my heart and got married at the same year. I never think  life is different compare in Asia. I'm thankful God is good all the time. He gave me a good husband who  understand and listen  my complain.We both born in itchy feet, we never stay at home every weekend.We always find things to do or go for vacation. 


Travelentz.com is a personal blog  about her travel experiences, photography and travel deals,reviews and things that's interest to her.As this is a personal blog Travelentz   is in no way responsible for or has control of the content of any external web site links or may contain any inaccuracies.